bFlash is a highly advanced and extremely reliable ECU programming tuning tool.


Concept, UI design, Statamic CMS





About the project


The core of bFlash is a tool for automotive control unit reprogramming. The aim of the website relaunch was to communicate the product functionality more clearly, to convince the target group and to persuade them to make a purchase.


The target group are professional car tuning companies, whose goal is to provide their customers with the highest quality ECU reprogramming. Through animated presentation of the tool, the website reflects the advantages of the highly flexible ECU unit and its possible applications. With just a few clicks, the user can check the compatibility for his vehicle, what value it adds and what purchase options are available.


The result of the redesign is a playful, not overly animation-heavy website with a highly thought-through UX that informs, persuades and sells. With the new website, the average customer retention time was increased by 49.5%.

" Working with the guys from Designbase was a breeze and we wrapped up the project on time. We rate the new design and the reflection of our brand with 10/10! The average engagement time increased by 49.5%. Now we can make better decisions because we can track the customer journey from start to end. "

Bernara Bakhtiiar

Digital Marketing & Brand Manager